Dear Guest, welcome to our world….


«Saya» brand was born in Dubai, and here, situated in the midsts of a concrete jungle surrounded by the desert, it became the oasis of all things sweet and desired.


Stepping into our restaurant, we invite you to embark on a beautiful journey through all courses of our Mediterranean experience.


From the prolific variety of our a la-carte menu, to the richest Moroccan hummus and custom desserts, we promise you nothing less than uncompromising passion and highest quality in everything we do!


Saya Brasserie is a cozy concept with American breakfasts, hearty lunches, nice dinners and delicious cakes. It is a great place to sit with friends for an enjoyable lunch,
to spend a romantic dinner with your beloved and to have a nice breakfast with your kids on a cozy Saturday.


Coffee & Friend the perfect blend….


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Reservation number: +971 50 541 8373